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A Justice of the Peace serving the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas    1-242-327-1980  &  1242-477-4002   &   1305-747-4976


Barrington H. Brennen, JP

Barrington H. Brennen was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace serving the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas on Friday, April 20, 2012.  See documents below.

Barrington Brennen can now officially sign documents, applications, forms, that may require  a Justice of the Peace.  There is no fee for this public service.  Donations are accepted.

According to Magistrate Act, section 7, a Justice of the Peace has the powers as a Magistrate to sign warrants for the apprehension and commitment for sage custody or persons charged with offences and to issue search warrants and to take affidavits and administer oaths.

By Section 8 of the Act, the Justice of the Peace is empowered to preserve the peace, to suppress riot and affrays and to disperse all disorderly and tumultuous Assemblies; and for any of these purposes to call in assistance of the Police and all Her Majesty's liege subject who shall be bound to obey all lawful commands.

By Section 9 of the Acts, whenever any Magistrate is unable from sickness absence or an other cause, to be present in court, any two justice of the peace may on request in writing of such magistrate, sit in court in his place and shall while so sitting have all the powers and jurisdiction exercisable by him.  Further, the Chief Magistrate may, at any time, whenever he shall deem it expedient, authorize any justice of the peace so to act and assist in the place of the magistrate.

Photos taken with Magistrate Roger Gomez and Annick


Official documents below




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