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Our Family Album



Group Therapy Room


A Wonderful Family Time in St Louis

Family and friends at GC 2005.   Annick, Barrington and Gerard, were in St Louis June 27 to July 11, 2005.  Marguerite was there July 7-10.2005.  We were happy to be together during the 58th General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists.  Click on photos to enlarge.
LEFT PHOTO: Pastor Guy and Mrs. Emmanuelle Valleray (Annick's brother and sister-in-law) with Annick, Ann Albury and Claudia Seymour (sister-in-laws to Annick). Photo taken at GC 2005.  SECOND PHOTO:  The Arch in St Louis. 


FIRST PHOTO: Antonio Samuel, the father of Leslie Samuel, Marguerite's fiancee, Marguerite; Annick and Gerard. SECOND PHOTO:  They are standing with Barrington, Marguerite's father
Marguerite standing with Antonio Samuel, her fiancee's father.  The photos was taken in front of Residence Inn, St Louis, where Antonio Samuel stayed during his visit to GC 2005.  These photos were taken July 10, 2005
FIRST PHOTO: He loves nature.  SECOND PHOTO:  They are standing with Annick, Marguerite's mother
FIRST PHOTO: Marguerite in Lamson Hall, Andrews University, Michigan  SECOND PHOTO:  Guy and Emmanuelle getting a hug before they leave Nassau to go back home to Martinique
FIRST PHOTO:  The Arch in St Louis.  SECOND PHOTO:  Mable and Colin Dunbar at their booth in St Louis.
FIRST PHOTO:  In front of St Louis Art Museum.  SECOND PHOTO:  The Preddies at GC 2005
Old friends we met at GC 2005. 
Pastor Herbert & Mrs. Jackie Valiame. We met at the Forest Park Zoo.  They are living in France.

The Forest Park Zoo, St Louis. 

Guy and Emmanuelle with their son, Gabriel and his wife Blossom.  They are standing with their daughters, and Annick and Barrington Brennen. Photo taken on July 16, 2005. during was taken Gabriel's parents visit to Nassau.

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