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Are You Retiring or Transitioning? Most of us refer to it as retirement. However, the word retirement suggests that one will cease working and will go in to a state of laziness or do-nothingness. The word transition suggests that one is about to enter another phases of one’s life that can be equally or more productive, creative, and purposeful. I am looking forward with great excitement to my transition. I will not be retiring. What is important to me right now is that I will continue to enjoy my current work to the last drop. I am excited about what I am doing right now and that is important for me to make a healthy transition. Therefore, I will not let anybody prevent the cool waters of transitioning from flowing down the drinking glass of life towards another pleasurable adventure.  What pictures come to your mind when you think of retirement? Is it sleeping by a lovely beach? Is it waking up late each morning? Is it becoming more wrinkled and weaker? Whatever it is, the beauty about transitioning is that you are in charge.  Read more    HOT YOU

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