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Barrington H. Brennen's PDF Files and Links for
Client Documentation, Assessment, and Evaluation in Therapy

These files are copyright and private and only to be used by Barrington H. Brennen.  If you desire to use any of the

documents below you must contact info@soencouragement.org  or call 1-242-327 1980

Discussion Forum    

Intake Documentation  © 1996, 2015, 2018-2022
  1. For Online Individuals

  2. Client Data Information Sheet   Updated March 26 2023

  3. Information Consent Form     Updated March 29, 2023

  4. General Informed Consent to sign  Added September 21, 2017

  5. Pre-marriage Questionnaire.  For non-married couples. Added June 24, 2021

  6. Brennen Emotional and Practical Marital Readiness Quiz  2022

  7. Generic Verification of Counseling Services Form (MOE etc) 

  8. I Am Seeking Therapy Because . . . Form  Update August 21, 2014

  9. Appointment Schedule

  10. Inventory for Couples  Update April 2017

  11. Inventory for Anybody  Update May 2017

  12. Inventory for Parents Update July 2014

  13. Your Homework Sheet  Updated January 2023

  14. How Do I know if I Need Counseling?

  15. Discount Card WP Format     Discount Card PDF Format

  16. Online Intake Form  For those who cannot come in to the office and for eTherapy

  17. Fired from the Job Help

  18. Questions to ask your boyfriend

  1. Referral Form

  2. Official letter









Building Relationships

  1. GRACE

  2. Di

  3. SLAA Test

  4. SLAA Website

  5. GT Test

  6. Card

  7. Brennen Marriage Harmony Quiz

  8. Brennen's 32 Secrets for a Spicy Marriage  Updated May 27, 2021

  9. Online Couple Assessment   Marriage

  10. Pre-Marriage Questionnaire.   Pre-Marriage

  11. Integrity Things

  12. Finance Quiz for Couples

  13. Emotional Wellness After a Hurricane BPA   SOE

  14. Mission Statement Creating a Marriage Mission Statement   WEB   BRENNEN

  15. Things to Do for Romantic Couples  

  16. Things to Do for Pre-Married Couples

  17. Pre-Married Couples Medical Check-Up Form

  18. Dating Ideas

  19. Before You Say I Do   Seven Danger Signs

  20. Learning the Ropes  How to strengthen your marriage before it begins

  21. Ovulation. How to get pregnant

  22. Bonding Booklet Cover

  23. Busting the Myths of Christian Marriage

  24. Adventist Single Adults Ministries Curriculum (NAD 2011)    THE BOOK

  25. Sex Quiz

  26. Sex During Menstrual Period Yes or No.  It's okay . . . .     [ Lev 15:25-27.  A woman in the Old Testament was only ritually unclean when her period lasted more than seven days.  It was not just having the period that made her unclean.  The days of uncleanness for a woman who give birth was longer for girls than for boys (30 and 60 days) Lev 12:1-5 ]

  27. Menstrual Period More information

  28. The Secret Lives of Men  Handout by Chris Blazina,

  29. The Secret Lives of Men webpag

  30. Family and Behavior Survey for High School Students March 30, 2011

  31. Relationship Readiness Quiz for Singles  SHORT  For Divorced Singles

  32. Role Exploration

  33. Temperaments Handout

  34. The Four     The Four    Web

  35. Good Habits

NUTRITION: Increasing the Sex Drive and General Health and Mental Health
  1. Foods to Increase the Libido
  2. Foods to Include in Your Nutrition to Increase Male Libido
  3. More Foods to Increase the Libido
  4. More than Multiple Vitamins
  5. Focus Factor Tablets
  6. Green Super Food
  7. ReLiv Nutrients
  8. Valerian Root, St John's Wart, 5-HTP, SAM-e

Psychological Disorders, Evaluations, Documents, Do Lists

  1. Stanley Brown Safety Plan

  2. 16 Personalities Tests Online

  3. Temperament Test    Temperaments Handout

  4. Attachment Styles Online Quiz

  5. Attachment Styles Handout

  6. Dysthymia Test and many others

  7. Codependency Test

  8. Aggression     Longer One

  9. Alcohol Addiction Online Test

  10. Alcohol - 10 Steps to Stop Drinking  WordFormat

  11. Addiction Library

  12. Gambling--Help for gambling addiction handout   WORD Format

  13. DSM IV Diagnostic Statistical Measurements

  14. Infidelity Video by Dr. Willard Harley   VIDEO

  15. Online Personal Disorders Test

  16. Online Depression Test

  17. Anger Management  Tips

  18. Depression   LINK

  19. Anxiety

  20. Gambling Addiction   Gambling

  21. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  22. Conduct Disorder

  23. Dementia

  24. Oppositional Defiant Disorder 

  25. Ten Tips Dealing with Defiant Teens

  26. Schizophrenia

  27. Kleptomania Compulsive Disorder Treatment    Stealing Sickness

  28. Masturbation Addiction 

  29. Masturbation Consequences

  30. NSSI Non-suicidal self injury (Girls cutting themselves) DSM-5   MORE   MORE

  31. Adolescence, Drain Development and Legal Culpability  American Bar Association

  32. Behavioral Problems At School May Lead to Lifelong Health and Social Problems British Medical Journal  2009

  33. Disorders Guidelines Psychiatric Association

  34. Emotional Intelligence

  35. Medicine

  36. Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

  37. SLAA Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous

  38. 40 Recovery Tools SLAA (Sex Addiction)

  39. 40 Questions SLAA  (Sex Addiction)

  40. 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today  (Cell phones, stress levels, estrogen promoting toxins, poor diet and nutrition)

  41. Spiritual Gifts Inventory Online

  42. Printable Spiritual Gifts Test

  43. Spiritual Gifts Test (Adventist--Greater New York Conference)

  44. RAPE:  When A Man is Raped  By Psychologist, Margret Roberts (58 page document)

  45. What Kids Say About Divorce  Hutting Post, December 12, 2012

  46. How do you know you are about to cheat on your spouse  Dr. Sheri Meyers

  47. Equalitarian Men

  48. Christians for Biblical Equality FaceBook

  49. Christians for Biblical Equality webpage

  50. 1 Timothy 2:12 Article on "women not having authority over men" by John Jefferson Davis

  51. Uprooting Racism By Paul Kivel


Assessing Marriage

  1. BOOK TO PURCHASE:  I will marry your again

  2. Dynamic scale

  3. Financial Quiz for Couples

  4. Resilience Love Test

  5. Self-Test

  6. Tell Your Story

  7. Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel Tele-Boot Camp - For couples who do not want regular counseling

  8. Guidelines on Abortion

  9. What Do You Know About Your Spouse?

  10. Personal Marital Performance  Integ

  11. Spouse Marital Performance

  12. My Relationship With My Husband

  13. My Relationship With My Wife

  14. Romantic Make-Over

  15. Relationship Ranking            Old Ranking Sheet

  16. ABCs of Great Sex

  17. Brennen's Short Survey of Marital Satisfaction

  18. Sample Budget and Guidelines   HTML   WORDPERFECT

  19. Ground for Divorce from Select Countries Around the World compiled by Barrington Brennen


Alcoholics Anonymous Bahamas
Four Groups
Telephone:  242-322 1685   [ Webpage ]   aameetingsbahamas@gmail.com

AA Meetings Schedule  for New Providence Island: Nassau/Paradise Island:
 (all meetings in Nassau are 60 minutes long)

  • Monday: Kirk Group: 6 pm: Meeting location St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Kirk) Shirley Street.

  • Tuesday: Take It Easy Tuesdays!: 6 pm Meeting location Rosetta House, Rosetta Street. Big Book study group.

  • Wednesday: Cable Beach Group: 6 pm Meeting location New Providence Community Centre (NPCC) Blake Road.

  • Thursday: No AA meetings on Thursdays

  • Friday: Group: 6 pm. Meeting location Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Shirley Street.

  • Saturday: Nassau Group: The Rosetta House 10 am Rosetta St.

  • Sunday: Cable Beach Group: 6 pm Meeting location New Providence Community Centre (NPCC) Blake Road.

AA Meeting are also on the following Family Islands in The Bahamas

  • Freeport, Grand Bahamas

  • March Harbor, Abaco

  • Hope Town, Abaco

  • Harbour Island, Eleuthera

  • Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Alynon Meetings:  
Al-Anon does not have formal meetings in Nassau but is informal group.

Contact information:
Email: aameetingsbahamas@gmail.com

Wedding on the Titanic in Tennessee

Shepellfgi Forms   www.shepellfgi.com or  FGIWorld
(1-866-290 4423  or  1-905-8862157 .. Fax: 1-905-278 2688 or  1-888-745-9797 )

New Forms

  1. FGI  2010 Global Clinical Form

  2. FGI  2010 Satisfaction Survey Form

  3. FGI  2010 Clinical Invoice Form

  4. EPA Online Satisfactory Survey To be filled out by client online

  5. EPA PDF Satisfactory Survey

Older Forms

  1. FGI Verification of Counseling Form   General

  2. FGI Consent/Statement of Understanding Form    General

  3. FGI Client File Form    General

  4. FGI Termination Form A

  5. FGI Termination Form B

  6. Evaluation Form at the End of the Sessions   General


Colleagues: Other professionals with websites

  1. The Clutter Doctor Dr. Donna Cameron
  2. Embracing Motherhood Andrea Schneider
  3. Renascence Institute Dr. David Allen and others

Pastoral Forms/Documents

  1. Special Needs Ministry

  2. Welcome Card Generic  for Churches

  3. One in Christ Petition for Women Ordination

  4. Toxic Faith handout

  5. Pastoral Acquaintance Survey

  6. New Pastor Adjustment and Information Sheet  Updated February 2016

  7. Pastoral District Audit & Acquaintance Tips  Updated February 2016

  8. Management of Ministerial Intern Forms:  ASSIGNMENTS    REPORT FORT  Isnord  1   Isnord 2

  9. Stages of Ministerial Development    WORD FORMAT   December 22, 2008

  10. The Chart of the Stages  WORD FORMAT

  11. Pastor Evaluation Form from Canada

  12. Monthly Report Form


General Information


  2. Church Logo Identity Download site

  3. Church Signage Form Bryan Gray 208-477-1122

  4. Church Letterheads and Business Cards 208-477-1122

  5. Discount Card   WP  Only valid with a seal, expiration date, and signature

  6. Parts of Speech

  7. Interesting about Porn

  8. Kid Safe Browser

  9. Android Porn Safe

  10. GFI Web Monitor

  11. Adventist Community Services Logo    B&W

  12. The Gilead Institute Self-supporting Churches

  13. Self-Supporting Ministry and Ellen White






It's Very Very Easy to Read and Count

Bahamas Conference of SDA











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